Lawful Possession Of Firearms In Public Housing

Sep 24,2019|Kyle McGraw

Lawful possession of firearms in public housing that was banned by District Court judge has been said that it is unconstitutional

East St. Louis Housing Authority (ESLHA) housing company, stated that the residents of the public housing could not have firearms even if they were lawful. This case light was brought in light by the Illinois State Rifle Association and Second Amendment Foundation for the people.

This case started as there was a resident named N.Doe, who had an abusing husband, threatened her to kill her and her children. The weapon was registered and she had received training and education for the safe use of firearms which was valid to Illinois Firearms Owner ID card.

Even then, East St. Louis Housing Authority (ESLHA), banned the possession of firearms. The East St. Louis Housing Authority (ESLHA), stated that “residents are not to display, use or possess or allow members of (Doe’s) household or guest to display, use or possess any firearms (operable or inoperable)…anywhere on the property of the authority.”

The public housing had brought bad times to the family members of Doe. She had to visit the public housing committee as she feared to lose her affordable housing unit because she possessed a gun. This law discriminates against poor people, as it says the same right to bear arms can be enjoyed by those people who can afford private housing. The HUD does not guide having firearms in public house But state and local requirements have to be followed so it says that, guns can be kept in case of self-protection, and should be transported appropriately outside the house.

many landlords accept section 8 housing choice voucher, and they have to follow the local laws regarding the gun position, the rules of composition are different in different states. Some States have taken for the reaction on lawful possession of firearms.

The housing authority and private property landlords have to maintain a safe living environment for the residents.

And even at the same time people from low-income backgrounds, need protection and have the same constitutional rights as the other people. People should not discriminate against low-income renters who own firearms. The low-income renters should check the legal service about the local laws related to owning a firearm in a rental property.

Judge says that public housing Gun ban is unconstitutional, and people should not be prohibited from keeping legal firearms. Gun ban can be accepted in stores or shopkeepers' main post a sign of banning guns in their store but, landlords cannot ban people from having legal firearms for their protection.