The low-income people of America are at the highest crisis due to rising prices of homes

The low-income people of America are at the highest crisis due to rising prices of homes. To deal with the people who are suffering from low income, the advocates have come up with affordable housing bringing Creative Solutions and helping renters to find new homes.

Sep 16,2019|John Crabtree

What are mobile homes and are they an excellent affordable housing option?

Mobile homes are a temporary prefabricated structure that is transportable and serves as home to low-income families. Mobile homes have been a good alternative for people with low incomes. The quality of mobile homes has drastically improved since the year 1976 due to the improvement of the manufacturing structures and Standards.

Sep 18,2019|William Armand

Why is maintaining public housing difficult?

Maintaining public housing is very difficult, according to recent studies it has been noticed that the condition of public housing around the country. Public housings are such places and communities that serve people who have low income and are mostly senior citizens or disabled people.

Sep 20,2019|Arlene Jones

Will Raising the Minimum Wage Help The Low-income Renters?

In the year 1938, the first minimum wage was established; the rule was called the fair labor standard act. This was set to $0.25 per hour, in the year 2009, it was raised to $7.25. Different cities have different minimum wages. This minimum wage is needed for the workers to meet their necessities and maintain a standard of living.

Sep 22,2019|Richard Bingham

Lawful Possession Of Firearms In Public Housing

Lawful possession of firearms in public housing that was banned by District Court judge has been said that it is unconstitutional

Sep 24,2019|Kyle McGraw